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Billings Business Law Attorneys

Creative Resolutions for Various Legal Concerns

At Calton Hamman & Wolff, P.C., our experienced attorneys and staff understand the concerns and confusion often associated with complicated legal issues. With more than 60 years of total legal experience, we strive to provide creative and efficient resolutions for a number of legal concerns for clients throughout the Billings area.

Whether you have encountered a complex business law issue, require estate planning guidance in an effort to protect your family's future, are interested in a franchising opportunity or need family law guidance during a divorce or other issue, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed to help you find resolutions.

Billings Franchising Lawyers

Regardless of the practice area of your legal concerns, we take the time to understand your specific issues before offering informative advice that is tailored directly to your situation. Our experienced and creative approach to your legal needs is designed to help you find resolutions as quickly and cost effectively as possible, all in an effort to help you move forward with your business plan or family life.

Throughout our years in practice, we have successfully obtained favorable closure to countless challenging issues, giving us a reputation in the Billings area for offering detailed and creative legal guidance to every client we represent. Our work in the area and knowledge of area courts, judges and other lawyers gives us the insight needed to offer you the most comprehensive and informative guidance possible throughout your proceedings.

To discuss your specific legal concerns and learn how we can be of assistance, please call us at 406-206-4827, toll free at 877-482-9071 or contact our office online.

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Calton Hamman & Wolff, P.C.

Creative Resolutions for Various Legal Concerns